Aside from overall water quality, many people express concern about the pH level of the water they drink. Alkaline water, which is the opposite on the pH scale from acidic, is believed to have various health benefits. From increasing hydration to its antioxidant properties to its potential to support different body functions, alkaline water can be beneficial. However, individual health conditions can impact how it suits any one person. On this FAQ page, we’ll explain what alkaline water is, how it can help your body and health, and recommend how much you should consume daily. 

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water refers to water with a pH level greater than 7, typically ranging from 9 to 9.5. It is also known as ionized water.

Why do people choose to drink alkaline water?

Many people drink alkaline water to help balance the pH levels in their bodies. It is believed that increasing alkaline levels can neutralize excess acidity, leading to better overall health.

Does alkaline water increase hydration?

Yes, alkaline water is easier for the body to absorb due to its smaller water clusters, making hydration faster and more efficient. It also improves blood circulation and penetrates acidic areas of the body.

Does alkaline water act as an antioxidant?

Yes, alkaline water provides negative hydrogen ions, which act as powerful antioxidants. It can speed up wound healing, reduce bleeding, and help combat free radicals that contribute to various diseases.

Can alkaline water help purify waste from the body?

Yes, alkaline water aids in combating acidic waste by eliminating acid through sweat and waste, potentially reducing fat accumulation in the body.

How does alkaline water balance the body's pH?

Alkaline water helps balance the body’s pH by neutralizing excess acidity caused by factors like diet, stress, and exposure to toxins. It promotes a healthier pH level, strengthening the body’s ability to fight illnesses.

Can alkaline water help with detoxification and aging?

Yes, alkaline water acts as a detoxifier by helping the body eliminate toxins. It contributes to the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells and can enhance the absorption rate of supplements.

Does alkaline water alleviate allergy symptoms?

Alkaline water can potentially help with allergy symptoms by maintaining proper hydration and pH levels in the body, reducing the impact of diet-related allergies.

How does alkaline water improve taste and quality?

Using alkaline water for food and drink preparation can enhance natural flavors and lower acidity levels. It ionizes minerals in foods, making them more bio-available and easier to digest.

Can alkaline water benefit the skin?

Yes, alkaline water can be beneficial for treating skin conditions like eczema and acne. It helps remove dirt and excess oil without harsh chemicals, promotes hydration, and improves complexion.

Does alkaline water improve concentration?

Proper hydration with alkaline water can support brain function, improve alertness, and enhance concentration due to the brain’s high water content.

How does alkaline water improve digestion?

Alkaline water helps reset the pH in the digestive tract, supporting proper digestive function and aiding in the removal of excess acid and toxins from the body.

Can alkaline water boost immune function?

Alkaline water can support immune function by reducing acidity in the body, which is known to hinder immune response. Staying hydrated with alkaline water is recommended for optimal immune support.

Does alkaline water have any cancer-fighting properties?

While alkaline water cannot cure cancer, it creates an environment in the body that is less conducive to the growth and spread of cancer cells, potentially slowing their progression and supporting overall health.

Can alkaline water help manage blood sugar levels?

Alkaline water has shown potential to help manage blood sugar levels, as it optimizes pancreatic function and reduces overall acidity in the body. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Can drinking alkaline water save money?

Yes, purchasing a reverse osmosis system or a water ionizer to produce alkaline water at home can save money compared to buying alkaline water bottles from the supermarket regularly.

Is alkaline water safe for daily consumption?

Alkaline water is generally safe for daily consumption. However, it’s essential to consider individual health conditions and consult with a healthcare professional, especially for individuals on sodium-restricted diets or with specific medical concerns.

Can alkaline water replace medical treatments or medications?

No, alkaline water should not be considered a substitute for medical treatments or prescribed medications. It can be a supportive addition to a healthy lifestyle but should not replace professional medical advice.

Can I make my own alkaline water at home?

Yes, you can create alkaline water at home using various methods such as adding alkaline drops, using a water ionizer, or using certain fruits and vegetables to infuse water with alkalinity.

How much alkaline water should I drink daily?

It is generally recommended to drink about three to four glasses of alkaline water per day to maintain balance in the body. However, individual water needs may vary, so it’s important to listen to your body’s hydration cues and consult with a healthcare professional if necessary.