A heater is designed to turn on when the room temperature is low and favorable. However, you may notice that your heater is running nonstop regardless of your home reaching the optimal temperature. This can be very frustrating because your home may reach uncomfortable temperatures. Your heater running nonstop could also result in a rise in your energy bills. Here are six reasons that your heater is failing to turn off even after it achieves the home’s optimal temperature.

1. A Dirty Air Filter

Many people forget to clean their air filters, which can lead to your furnace not shutting off. A dirty air filter is likely to limit the amount of air reaching the furnace, resulting in the furnace producing a lower amount of hot air to the house. Therefore, the furnace will have to run for a longer period to compensate for the heat it’s not producing. We recommend that you clean your air filter regularly to avoid limiting airflow to your furnace. This will also allow your heating system to perform at peak efficiency and will lower your energy bills.

2. A Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat turns your heater on when the temperatures are low and off when it achieves optimal temperature. Therefore, if your thermostat is damaged, your heater may fail to shut off even when your home is the right temperature. Some of the issues that could result in a faulty thermostat include a damaged heating sensor, a switch that’s not responsive, or wires connecting the thermostat to the furnace short-circuiting. A professional can inspect your thermostat and find out what is causing the problem. Based on the diagnostics, they can either repair or replace the damaged thermostat.

3. Ductwork Leaks

Every heating system has two types of ductwork. The supply ductwork delivers warm air to your home, and the return ductwork carries the cool air from the rooms back to the furnace. Having leaks in your ductwork means that the warm air is supplied to your attic instead of to the necessary rooms. Since the thermostat will not detect that the optimum temperature has been reached, your furnace will run continuously, trying to reach the set temperature. Due to the furnace running for a longer period, you may notice that your utility bills are higher. Our HVAC technician can conduct a duct sealing procedure using adhesive, metal tape, or sealant.

4. A Defective Check Valve

For radiators and heating systems that use water, a damaged check valve can lead to your furnace running continuously. The check valve works to regulate the water circulating in your system. Therefore, water will flow with no restriction if it is damaged. This will result in your heating system not turning off. Our technicians will replace the valve that is preventing your system from functioning efficiently.

5. An Incorrect Thermostat Setting

Most thermostats have an on and off automatic setting when regulating the temperature. The thermostat’s on setting means that your furnace and blower fan will remain on even if the optimal temperature has been reached. On the other hand, the automatic setting means that your heater will come on when the room temperature is low and turn off when it reaches the optimal temperature. If your furnace is heating continuously, you can check the current setting on your thermostat to confirm it’s set correctly.

A very high thermostat setting could also make your furnace not turn off. Your heating system will keep trying to accomplish the temperature indicated by the thermostat. You should always ensure that your thermostat is set to the right temperature because this helps you avoid high utility bills.

6. Faulty Blower Fan Motor

A blower fan is a component of the furnace tasked with pushing heated air from the furnace into the house. The fan blower is powered by motors that are prone to experience some glitches or even mechanical-related failures. For example, if the limit switch on the fan is damaged, the fan and furnace will run continuously. The furnace fan is directed by the limit switch when it’s supposed to turn off or on. Contacting our technicians will allow them to either repair or to replace the switch based on its incurred damage.

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