Comprehensive Backflow Testing For Clifton Park, NY Homeowners

    Clifton Park offers seemingly endless fun ways to spend time with family and friends, from Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve and Players Park Family Fun Plex to axe-throwing pubs and the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Whether you prefer spending your days strolling outside or grabbing brews with friends, backflow testing may be the last thing on your mind, but it shouldn’t be. Municipal city codes require annual testing of backflow devices if you have them installed on your property. 

    Backflow testing keeps your property up to code while ensuring you maintain safe drinking water. Don’t wait for your water supply to run brown or turn off. Call Grasshopper Heating & Cooling today at (518) 241-5929 for comprehensive backflow testing in Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, and Albany, New York.

    Understanding Backflow

    Backflow occurs when contaminated water sources flow back into your home from a drop in water pressure. The water sources may be contaminated by soil, pollutants in storage, sewage, or other concerns. Regardless of the contamination, you don’t want your drinking water to be contaminated by backwater.

    Unfortunately, water pressure can drop unexpectedly. Situations like burst pipes, frozen pipes, or demand surges can lead to reduced pressure, potentially leading to backflow. 

    You can prevent this problem by installing backflow prevention devices that automatically release contaminated water before it enters your drinking supply. This type of backflow prevention requires regular testing to continue working properly. 

    What Is Backflow Testing?

    Backflow testing ensures no contaminants enter your drinking water through the prevention mechanism. Like all mechanisms, the backflow prevention device can become damaged over time, so you must test it regularly to keep your drinking water safe. 

    The testing process must adhere to various EPA and state mandates. Our highly trained and certified team has the knowledge and experience to follow all correct protocols for comprehensive testing and resolutions. 

    Our Comprehensive Backflow Testing

    We conduct thorough backflow testing to check all components for potential concerns. We start by inspecting the physical device to verify its serial number, model, manufacturer, and location. When we’re ready to begin testing, we complete the following:

    1. Close the valves: First, we close the device’s valves and gates.
    2. Check gauge movement: Upon closing the gates, we check for any gauge movement.
    3. Inspect for other concerns: We conduct a thorough inspection to look for concerns like leaks, unusual coloring, or other potential issues. 

    Signs That You May Have a Backflow Problem

    You must schedule backflow testing once per year to keep your device up to code, though you may need testing more frequently if you begin experiencing issues.

    Common signs of backflow problems include the following:

    • Water discoloration
    • Water that smells or tastes strange
    • Poor water pressure
    • Particles or bubbles in your tap
    • Poor drainage
    • Drain clogging
    • Water leaks

    If you notice any of these issues, you should call our team as soon as possible. Your drinking water may be compromised, so you shouldn’t continue using your taps without speaking with a professional. Our team can quickly inspect your backflow prevention device to determine what’s causing your drinking water problems

    Upon determining whether your device requires repairs, you’ll receive a full upfront estimate outlining the projected costs. We offer free estimates, competitive pricing, 24/7 emergency appointments, and financing options to make our services as accessible as possible. 

    Protect Your Water Supply by Scheduling Backflow Testing Today

    Just as your fire protection system should be tested, so should your backflow protection device. Don’t wait for your drinking water to begin smelling funky; call Grasshopper Heating & Cooling today at (518) 241-5929 for comprehensive backflow testing in Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, and Albany, New York.

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    How Do I Know If I Have a Backflow Problem?

    Some of the top signs indicating a backflow problem include discolored water, strange-smelling water, low water pressure, particles in your tap, slow drainage, and water leaks. If any of these problems sound familiar, call our team to schedule backflow testing. 

    How Often Do I Need Backflow Testing?

    Like most states, New York requires you to schedule backflow testing once per year if you have a prevention device installed. You should receive an annual letter in the mail reminding you when your system requires testing. 

    Why Long Does Backflow Testing Usually Take?

    Backflow testing is relatively straightforward and should only take 20 to 30 minutes. However, if we discover major issues with your device that require repairs, your appointment may take longer. Call Grasshopper Heating & Cooling at (518) 241-5929 to schedule your backflow testing in Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, or Albany, New York.

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