Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement in Clifton Park, NY

    Day after day, the garbage disposal accepts your food scraps without complaint. One day, though, you toss the remnants of dinner down the disposal and flick it on, only to be greeted with a constant hum. The impeller blades won’t turn, and you’ve got a drain full of smelly food. Now what?

    Call Grasshopper Heating & Cooling for garbage disposal repair! Our expert plumbers have seen it all, and we’ll have your disposal up and running again in no time. 

    Common Garbage Disposal Problems and Fixes

    Garbage disposals are fairly simple, but they can develop a whole host of problems. Below, we’ll go over some of those issues and explain potential fixes you can try.

    Garbage Disposal Is Jammed

    If your garbage disposal turns on but hums and won’t run, a clog is the most likely culprit. Thankfully, you don’t have to take apart the entire unit or go digging in your pipes to fix the problem.

    All garbage disposals come with a little tool that you can use to unjam the unit. If you’ve lost yours, you can use a quarter-inch Allen wrench.

    Insert the tip of the wrench into the hole at the bottom of the unit. Once you meet resistance, turn the tool back and forth to unjam the machinery. When the shredder plate starts to turn, remove the wrench. Turn on the cold water and run the disposal for a minute to clear out any remaining scraps.

    Bad Odors

    Does your garbage disposal smell like a dumpster? You’ve probably got rotting food trapped under the blades. Food can get trapped and decompose if your garbage disposal’s blades aren’t sharp enough. The blades dull over time, and when it gets to the point that food is rotting in your sink, it’s time to replace the unit.

    Garbage Disposal Leaks

    Garbage disposal leaks are confounding because they can have quite a few causes, so it might be tough to find the source of the leak. If you’re lucky, it’ll be a simple fix. If not, you’ll have to replace the unit.

    First, check the sink’s drain hole (called the flange). If you find a leak there, you might need to reapply plumber’s putty or tighten the rings.

    Inspect the dishwasher connection and drainage pipe. If the drain pipe is leaking, try adjusting the bolts. If the dishwasher connection is loose, tighten the clamp.

    Should none of these fixes work, move on to the unit itself. Look it over for holes. It’s uncommon, but sharp pieces of food, glass, and knives can pierce holes in the unit. If you find holes, you’ll need to buy a new disposal.

    Garbage Disposal Doesn’t Run

    If the disposal doesn’t make any noise, humming or otherwise, you’ll probably have to call us for garbage disposal repair or replacement. The disposal may have a mechanical problem that requires taking apart the unit.

    Of course, the problem could be an easy fix if you’re fortunate. Check to see if the disposal is plugged in. If it is, head to your circuit breaker and look for tripped breakers. Inspect the reset button, as well, which will pop out if there’s a jam. Press the button and try running the disposal again.

    Get Your Garbage Disposal Fixed Now

    Garbage disposals can suddenly stop working even if you’ve done nothing wrong. If your garbage disposal won’t work, Grasshopper Heating & Cooling can get you up and running again. Call us at (518) 545-3271 to get a quote for garbage disposal repair now.

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    Why is my garbage disposal humming?

    If your garbage disposal makes a constant humming sound, a clog or jam is the most likely culprit. Certain food scraps and dropped silverware can cause a garbage disposal to stop working and hum in protest. If you can’t find a clog, the motor may have burned out, which means you’ll need a replacement.

    What happens if you press the reset button on a garbage disposal?

    Pressing the reset button can help if your garbage disposal won’t run but makes a humming noise. It’s possible that some part of your unit, such as the flywheel, has gotten stuck. Pressing the reset button gets the part unstuck so it’ll start running again.

    What is the lifespan of a garbage disposal?

    Most garbage disposals last for about 10 to 12 years. Of course, if you throw certain waste down your disposal, such as pasta or coffee grounds, it’ll likely kick the bucket much sooner. If your unit won’t run anymore, call us for garbage disposal repair or replacement.

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