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    Thinking of upgrading your ho-hum bathroom? Got a nasty toilet clog that even the strongest drain cleaner won’t fix? Give Grasshopper Heating & Cooling a call for bathroom plumbing services! From clogged drain repair to new shower installation, our dependable plumbers handle it all.

    Clogged Drain Repair

    Is there anything worse than a toilet that won’t flush or a shower that refuses to drain? Not only are clogged toilets an inconvenience, but they’re also unsanitary. Standing water and waste can harbor bacteria that could make your family quite sick.

    Some clogs concede defeat after a few good plunges, but if your clog won’t budge no matter what, it’s time to break out the big guns. Our plumbers arrive at your home ready to do battle with the toughest, most stubborn clogs.

    We never use toxic drain cleaners that’ll damage your pipes. Instead, we can run a special camera through your drain pipe to find the clog, then extract it using a plumbing-safe snake. Call us for sink, shower, or toilet repair now.

    Leak Detection

    Bathroom leaks can drive you mad with their constant drip, drip, drip sound. On top of that, they can wreak serious havoc on your walls and floors.

    If you find puddles of water on the floor around your shower, sink, or toilet, it’s obvious you’ve got a leak (either that, or someone made a mess getting out of the tub). Other leaks are tougher to locate. Some hide behind the walls where you can’t see them.

    Our pros can detect sneaky leaks no matter where they are, and we can do it without damaging your walls.

    Bathroom Installations

    If your toilet wastes too much water or your shower dates back to the 1950s, it’s time for an upgrade. Modern showers and toilets are far more water-efficient than yesterday’s models, and they’re simply gorgeous to look at, too.

    Just imagine soaking in your spa-like tub after a demanding day or stretching out in your new luxury shower. You’re going to love your bathroom so much that you may never want to come out.

    Signs That You Need Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

    We get it; you’d rather not call in a plumber if you don’t have to. Here’s how to tell if it’s time to hire our experts for bathroom plumbing services:

    • The water in your bathroom smells bad or has a rusty, yellow, or greenish color.
    • You constantly hear the sound of water running behind the walls, which could indicate a leak.
    • Your water pressure has plummeted or frequently goes up and down.
    • Your water bills are far higher than normal.
    • You find water around the base of the toilet, sink, or shower.
    • There’s mold and mildew growing on your bathroom walls, which points to a hidden leak.
    • Your toilet makes odd gurgling sounds.

    Why Choose Our Plumbers?

    When you choose Grasshopper Heating & Cooling for plumbing services, you’ll get:

    • 24/7 emergency plumbing assistance
    • Access to knowledgeable plumbers who care about your home
    • Prompt and friendly service
    • A guaranteed job well done

    Schedule Bathroom Plumbing Services Now

    If you need plumbing repairs or renovations, you can count on Grasshopper Heating & Cooling to get the job done right. We offer 24/7 emergency service in Albany, Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, and nearby cities.

    Give us a call at (518) 545-3271 to schedule bathroom plumbing services for your home.

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    What is included in bathroom rough-in plumbing?

    Bathroom rough-in plumbing includes running the drain and water supply lines through holes in the wall studs. If you choose to handle rough-in plumbing yourself, you’ll need to take accurate measurements before you start drilling holes.

    How do you know if bathroom pipes are bad?

    If you turn on your sink or shower and rust-colored water comes out, you’ve got a big plumbing problem on your hands. Rusty water indicates serious pipe corrosion, which means your pipes could burst at any moment. Call us for help before the worst happens.

    How do I know if I need a new plumbing system?

    If you suddenly have poor water pressure, that’s a good sign that you need new plumbing. Other signs include high water bills, bad odors, and frequent leaks. If you’ve got any of these telltale signs, reach out to our plumbers.

    Can I do my own bathroom plumbing?

    While it is possible to do your own bathroom plumbing if you’re a DIY type, we wouldn’t recommend it. Setting up drains and pipes incorrectly can cause major flooding behind your walls, and you’ll end up with a huge repair bill. It’s better to call us for bathroom plumbing services instead.

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