In order to keep your family comfortable and healthy during the winter season, you’ll need to have a home heating system. This system needs to be able to adequately heat your home to ensure that your home doesn’t endure any damage during the cold winter season, like burst pipes. There are a few different heating options that homeowners currently have to choose from.


The most commonly used residential heating system is the furnace. This type of system utilizes fuel to create heat in the air. Then, it distributes that heated air throughout your home via a forced-air system. This includes a blower fan by the furnace and a series of ducts that runs throughout the walls and flooring of your home. Furnaces can run on different types of fuel, including heating oil, propane, and even natural gas. These heating systems are commonly chosen for their relatively decent energy efficiency and affordability.


On the other hand, boilers are commonly used in residential settings to produce high-efficiency heat. Boilers basically come in two different models: steam and hot water. Instead of heating the air as a furnace does, a boiler heats water.

For hot water boilers, as soon as the water is heated up, it is dispersed throughout the entire home via piping connected to radiators. Steam boilers actually heat up water until it turns into steam and then routes the steam through piping and radiators in your home. While boilers do tend to last longer than furnaces, they are much more expensive for residential use than furnaces.

Pellet, Wood, and Coal Stoves

For more traditional heating, some homeowners rely on a stove that burns pellets, wood, or even coal. These types of stoves require homeowners to constantly fuel them on a regular basis. Each one works by simply burning the fuel inside of the stove and emitting it into the surrounding room.

This type of stove can be cheaper to run for homeowners who do not have a large house to heat. They’re also great for maintaining heat, even when the power goes out.

Electric Baseboards

Electric baseboards tend to be the most expensive way to heat a home. However, they are one of the most convenient options for homeowners. This type of heating system works by having baseboards installed in various rooms throughout your home.

You simply turn the thermostat for each baseboard to your desired temperature. The baseboard will get power from your electrical panel. A notable downfall of electric baseboards is that they won’t operate when your power goes out.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are becoming more popular for homes in mild climates throughout the country. Contrary to what many homeowners first think, heat pumps don’t actually produce any heat. Rather, they will transfer heat that naturally occurs from outside to the inside of your home.

The added advantage that a heat pump has over other heating systems is that it can be utilized in reverse during the summertime to cool down a home. Most heat pumps are connected to a forced-air system similar to that of a furnace.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are a particular type of heat pump that homeowners can utilize for existing homes that don’t have any ductwork. Most heat pumps will simply connect to existing ductwork throughout a home. However, ductless mini-splits utilize wall units that are connected to an outdoor unit via small piping on the outside of your home. These systems are ideal for home additions where you’re unable to add onto the existing ductwork of a home.

Space Heaters

If you’re looking for additional heat to help keep your home warm during the coldest of the winter days, you may want to invest in some space heaters. The best ones are going to be powered by electricity as these don’t emit fumes like propane and oil space heaters.

Space heaters can be dangerous when not used correctly as they can pose a fire risk. It’s only a good idea to use space heaters to create supplemental heat. You should never rely on space heaters as a main source of heat for your entire home.

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