A ductless air conditioning specialist in Clifton Park, NY, Grasshopper Heating & Cooling knows the top qualities of a mini-split installer. Technology requires knowledge and expertise that only some professionals have.  Ductless mini-splits provide improved comfort and efficiency and can help you save, so it’s important to find the right installer to realize these benefits. But finding the right contractor can be a challenge. Here’s what to do when picking a ductless mini-split installer near you.

Evaluate Their Experience

It’s essential to pick a licensed contractor. But not every HVAC technician specializes in ductless mini-split installation. The process is a bit different than installing a traditional central AC system. When vetting a contractor, ask what the process entails and speak to them as they inspect your home. The technician should have no difficulty explaining the process. They should also make decisions relatively quickly and note any areas of concern they see.

Statements such as “Tell me what works best for you.” or “We’ll do it your way” are red flags, as they mean the contractor may be inexperienced in this area.

Ask/Read What People Say About Them

Reading reviews may seem like an obvious step. But it’s important to know how to read into them. Star and numbered ratings are common. They tend to be accurate. However, only by reading the full review can you understand the customer’s experience, whether the company resolved any unanticipated issues, and kept the client informed the entire time. Aside from web research, ask friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, and others if they’ve dealt with the company.

They Seem Ready to Tackle Any Issue

If the installer doesn’t mention any issues, ask if they’ve found any. The wrong contractor may not evaluate the situation thoroughly or not be knowledgeable enough to see any problems coming. A thorough assessment helps to anticipate issues to address so the project can stay on track. 

Their evaluation also lets a contractor provide an accurate upfront quote, without asking for more money along the way. The difference can end up being thousands of dollars. An experienced ductless mini-split installer near you won’t raise such uncertainty.

The Contractor Is Focused on Meeting Your Needs

Never accept a contractor that cuts corners. They should perform a load calculation to determine the right tonnage for your home. A seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) calculation can help find a mini-split unit that’ll save you the most over time. It also helps to schedule installation in the fall or winter; the technician will have the time to be more attentive and put more effort into choosing the right system.

Discuss Price Options and Get a Written Quote

A price quote for a ductless mini-split should list the equipment used plus the cost of materials and labor. Don’t accept generalizations. Every installation is different, and the cost varies from one home to another; the price quote should fall within a range you’ve seen in your research. And make sure to sign the contract before the project starts. Some contractors leave it open so they can adjust their pricing later. Also, ask the HVAC contractor about options and alternatives, which can give you a choice of price levels.

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Choose Grasshopper Heating & Cooling

If you live in or near Clifton Park, NY, and are looking for ductless mini-split installers near you, you can trust Grasshopper Heating & Cooling for high-quality service. We are EPA-certified and work to ensure successful results and customer satisfaction. For fast, friendly, and professional ductless mini-split installation, schedule an appointment online or call (518) 252-7939.

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