Grasshopper Heating & Cooling is proud to offer some of the most effective whole-home water filtration systems on the market. Tap water can contain many unwanted compounds. For example, it may have 3-4 times more chlorine than pool water. You wouldn’t bathe or brush your teeth with pool water, so why would you take a chance with municipal water with an even higher concentration of potentially harmful chemicals?

What’s In Your Water?

Water utilities often add chlorine as a disinfectant. It’s considered generally safe at low levels but can give water an undesirable taste or odor. Grasshopper can check your water supply to see if higher levels of chlorine or other contaminants are present. These can include:

  • Hard Water Minerals: Minerals in the water, like calcium and magnesium, aren’t a health risk, but they can cause limescale to form in pipes, which can damage your plumbing. They can also leave stains on dishes, silverware, and clothes.
  • Heavy Metals: Lead and other heavy metals from old pipes can leach into your water supply. Children are especially vulnerable to lead exposure. Many home water filtration systems can remove heavy metals.
  • Arsenic: If you use well water, low levels of arsenic may be present. High levels of arsenic have been linked to reduced brain function in children as well as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. If you have concerns, Grasshopper can test your water supply.

Tap water can also contain aluminum, copper, and iron as well as pesticides. Traces of plastic waste, harmful chemicals, and even radioactive compounds have been identified in municipal water sources.

Let Grasshopper Help Purify Your Water

We offer various solutions to make municipal water safe for your household. Some can even reverse the damage caused by hard water and help protect the environment. You can save money on plastic bottles and protect the environment by not having to throw them away. The HALO products we offer give you great-tasting, highly filtered alkaline water for just pennies per day (meanwhile, a jug of bottled water can cost several dollars, so you end up spending hundreds of dollars a year on water).

By investing in a whole-home water purification system, you can have water that matches the formulation of that found in Blue Zones. These are regions where people often live into their 90s and beyond. You too can have the same quality water for cooking and drinking and reduce your risk for disease.

Enjoy the Benefits of HALO Water Filtration

Many households rely on salt-based water softeners. Their backwash can produce a toxic sludge that pollutes septic systems and the environment. We can install an environmentally safe technology that eliminates pouring bags of salt into your water softener. This fully warrantied, space-age technology can last for 25 years and includes:


The H2 ZERO is a two-tank system. Tank 1 contains High Activity Carbon that effectively removes chlorine and purifies water at a range of pH levels. It yields clean, fresh water that’s free of any strange tastes or odors. For Tank 2, there are a couple of options. You can choose a HALO ION In-line Water Conditioner that uses magnetic fields to alter the molecular structure of calcium and magnesium so minerals remain suspended in water. A scale media option with no salt is also available.


The HALO ION 2.0 In-line Water Conditioner is installed in line with existing pipes. Its multi-reversing polarity magnetic fields help keep dissolved minerals suspended so they don’t contribute to limescale and corrosion. The system does not require a drain line and no electricity or chemicals are needed for it to work. It is available in several different sizes to meet the needs of your home, in flow rate capacities from six to 50 gallons per minute.

Contact Grasshopper Heating & Cooling

We’re proud to offer advanced whole-home water filtration systems in and around Clifton Park, NY. These include the H2 ZERO and HALO ION 2.0, which our technicians are experienced in installing to help protect your health and plumbing system. Contact us to learn more about these and other products that can also remove plastics, metals, chemicals, and other common tap water pollutants. To have your questions answered by a friendly, knowledgeable representative, and to schedule your in-home evaluation and free estimate, call (518) 241-1762 today.

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