Whether your home is outfitted with a furnace or heat pump, there’s always a possibility that your heating system will malfunction. Regardless of what the issue is, a simple reset of the unit could fix the issue entirely. Both of these systems are simple to reset as long as you understand the steps involved with doing so. This guide details everything you need to know about resetting a furnace or heat pump.

Common Furnace and Heat Pump Problems

Furnaces and heat pumps can malfunction for any number of reasons. When these issues occur, you could attempt to fix them by resetting your furnace or heat pump before calling a technician. Some of the more common furnace problems include:

  • No heat being emitted
  • Low heat being emitted
  • Blower is running constantly
  • Musty smell coming from furnace
  • Airflow distribution issues
  • Furnace is loud and noisy

These issues could point toward problems with your gas line, power, or thermostat settings. If your home is outfitted with a heat pump, the most common issues that could develop include:

  • Heat pump runs constantly
  • Heat pump won’t turn on
  • Air handler isn’t working
  • System won’t heat or cool home
  • System doesn’t switch between heat/cool modes
  • Strange smells

When you notice any of these issues, it’s important that you don’t just wait for them to dissipate. If you don’t tend to these problems, they could worsen, which would likely require expensive repairs.

How to Reset Your Furnace

Resetting a furnace can be done in three simple steps. Keep in mind that the following instructions only work with furnaces that are less than around 30 years old. First, locate the switch that’s positioned near or on the furnace. Once you find this switch, turn the power off. If you’re able to locate the switch, you can turn off the specific circuit breaker that connects to your furnace.

After the switch has been turned off, wait for around 10-15 seconds. From here, you should turn the breaker or switch back on. You can then check the furnace to see if it’s functioning properly. If the issue persists, consider requesting heating and cooling services from Grasshopper Heating & Cooling. If your furnace has been in service for more than 30 years, the method for resetting the system can differ depending on the exact unit you purchased. In this situation, calling a service provider may be necessary.

How to Reset Your Heat Pump

If you notice that your heat pump has a green light, this means that it should be functioning properly. In the event that the light turns yellow or red, you should attempt to reset the system, which may be able to fix the issue. Resetting a heat pump is relatively straightforward but involves a couple more steps when compared to what it takes to reset a furnace.

The first step involves turning off your thermostat. You should then switch off the heat pump’s power switch, which will be located toward the edge of your heat pump or on the wall nearby the heat pump. Once the power switch has been turned off, turn off the electrical breakers that are connected to your heat pump. From here, you should wait around three to five minutes before turning everything back on. When you go to turn everything back on, do so in reverse order.

Importance of Maintaining Your Furnace or Heat Pump

If you want to be certain that your heat pump or furnace works efficiently and that your family is safe, it’s important that you have the system maintained on a regular basis. Obtaining routine maintenance ensures that your home is effectively heated, your family is safe, your indoor air quality is clean, your energy bills are reduced and your warranty isn’t voided.

If your furnace has malfunctioned or your heat pump isn’t effectively heating your home, Grasshopper Heating & Cooling can work on identifying the issue with the unit and providing the necessary repairs. Along with repairs for any issue that might occur, we also offer replacement, installation, and maintenance services to account for all of your needs. If you want to make sure that your heating and cooling system is maintained regularly, consider entering into a service agreement with us. We also provide 24/7 emergency service if ever the need arises.

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