A combination boiler (or combi boiler) incorporates space heating and hot water in one appliance. It is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to having a conventional furnace and water heater. You may be used to these being two different appliances. But combining both functions has many advantages.

How Does a Combi Boiler Work?

The appliance directs incoming water through a heat exchanger when a hot water tap is opened. It heats the water to the temperature you set on the unit. You can switch the boiler to provide space heating. When prompted to do so, a diverter valve in the combi boiler will direct heated water through a series of tubes in your home. The hot water flow then transfers this heat to the ambient air.

On the other hand, traditional boilers circulate water through radiators or hydronic heating elements to provide heat. Some units provide domestic hot water as well. However, water must be directed through a water heating appliance before it reaches a sink faucet or shower.

Why Switch to a Combi Boiler?

If you’re looking for an upgrade, some of the greatest benefits of a combi boiler include:

  • Hot Water On Demand: Much like a tankless water heater, a combi system provides hot water when you need it, almost instantaneously. You don’t have to set a timer for it to switch from one mode to another. Once you turn on a fixture, the unit starts to provide a steady flow of hot water.
  • The Unit Fits In a Small Space: There’s no need for a separate water tank, so combi boilers save space. Most models can fit in a utility room, kitchen cupboard, or under a stairwell. Space savings is a bonus especially if you live in a small home or apartment. You can get more use out of the square footage you have.
  • It Is More Energy Efficient: Water is heated only when you need it, instead of all the time. Therefore, significantly less energy is used unless you have a large household that uses a lot more water than the average home.
  • You Get Safe, Clean Water: Since the water isn’t stored in a tank, it’s less likely to be contaminated with rust, sediment, sludge, or debris. The water is completely safe for your health and your plumbing system. A combi boiler is more environmentally friendly as well, as it reduces your home’s carbon footprint and you don’t waste water waiting for it to heat up.
  • Strong Water Pressure Is Maintained: Water is obtained directly from the main water supply, so is delivered at normal pressure. Meanwhile, traditional heating systems often use gravity to obtain water, which can result in reduced flow or water pooling in curved sections of pipes. This tends to reduce water pressure.
  • Combi Boilers Are Easier to Install: In addition to saving on energy, you can also save on installation costs. That’s because installing a combination boiler is less complex than other heating systems. It does not require as much pipework or equipment. Installation typically takes just a few hours.
  • Can Be Combined with Smart Technologies: Combination units are modern so can be connected with smart thermostats or smartphone apps. Therefore, you can control the temperature remotely. Some apps can detect appliance issues before you notice any changes, so you can schedule it to be repaired.

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