Clifton Park Furnace Tune-Up

There’s a good reason why so many HVAC authorities recommend a once-a-year furnace tune-up in Clifton Park, NY. Your furnace deserves close attention because throughout the year, it will develop problems that the untrained eye and ear can’t detect. These problems will lower the system’s energy efficiency before they start to cause definite issues like short cycling and low air pressure. Then, before you know it, the system might break down. On the other hand, with regular furnace maintenance, you could save money on your energy bill and even lengthen the life of your equipment.

You’ll also save money by needing fewer repairs. A well-maintained furnace usually only needs a minor fix here and there, and you may pay less for these thanks to the discounts your maintenance agreement offers. What’s more, the manufacturer will probably only honor the warranty if professionals have performed routine maintenance. In addition to monetary savings, you can enjoy cleaner indoor air because one basic maintenance task is the cleaning of all furnace components.


  • Verify thermostat function
  • Check all wiring and safety switches
  • Monitor for proper airflow
  • Evaluate and monitor the function on burners
  • Check for proper amp draws on the motor
  • Check and change the filter if needed
  • Visual, digital heat exchanger check with an inspection camera
  • Check for any carbon monoxide emissions
  • Clean system