You probably believe that you need your AC to stay comfortable in the summer months. But that’s not necessarily true! A whole house fan can offer you the benefits for a fraction of the costs.

    Also known as attic fans, these systems work great in the mild, warm weather we get here in Clifton Park, NY. With the right size for your home and a couple of windows open, you can navigate the warmer months without air conditioning.

    Are you looking for a team you can trust for whole house fan installation in Clifton Park? Grasshopper Heating & Cooling is the premier choice. Our highly skilled technicians can install the perfect whole house fan to ensure optimal airflow and proper ventilation across your home.

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    How Does a Whole-House or Attic Fan Work?

    Attic fans draw in fresh, cool air from the outdoors. Then they exhaust the warm, stale air outside through the vents in your roof.

    The Number One Crew For Whole House Fan Installation

    At Grasshopper Heating & Cooling, our highly experienced crew has built a reputation for hassle-free whole-house fan installation in Clifton Park and the surrounding areas. Whatever the size of your home or the floor layout, you can trust us to find the perfect fan.

    Our whole-house fan installer will determine the right option for your home by measuring your floor space, considering the number of rooms, and more. We create a checklist as we evaluate your property.

    It’s how we always do a fantastic job on all installations, providing every family we work for with the ideal fan. Next, we’ll map out areas that should have vents opening across the property. We’ll drill holes around these areas without compromising the safety of your structure.

    Finally, we’ll install the fan to the manufacturer’s specifications. After we complete the installations, we’ll test it to ensure you can enjoy fresh air across your home before we leave.

    Are you ready to get the perfect fan for your space? Do you want a truly holistic service? Call us now to schedule a consultation with the premier attic fans and whole-house fan installers in your area.

    The Advantages of Whole House Fans

    Some of the benefits of whole house fans include the following:

    • Improved energy efficiency. Whole house fans will not burn up as much energy as air conditioners or even heat pumps. They are more energy efficient, allowing you to stay comfortable in moderate weather without wasting electricity.
    • Lower energy costs. Switch to a whole-house fan if you want to reduce the number of hours you use your AC unit each month. You can get up to 70% reduction in your energy bills.
    • Enhanced comfort. Your home will feel more comfortable with the whole-house fan working. These units maintain that natural cooling effect that’s hard to replicate with an AC.
    • Improved HVAC equipment lifespan. Adding a whole house fan to your HVAC system can extend the life of the systems. The fan helps to spread the cool or warm air, reducing the strain on the system.

    Get the Perfect Whole House Fan for Your Indoor Space

    Join other homeowners in saving on cooling bills without compromising on comfort. Still can’t decide if you should switch to an attic fan? Do you need an estimate on the cost of an efficient fan for your space?

    Call Grasshopper Heating & Cooling at (518) 241 5734 or use the contact form for custom whole house fan installation in Clifton Park, NY, today. Let’s give you an example of what complete, exceptional service looks like!

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    Is Switching to an Attic Fan a Good Idea?

    A whole house or attic fan is a good idea because it’s an effective option for homeowners looking to stay cool in the warmer months and still save money.

    Can I Run My Whole House Fan All Night?

    You can run your whole house fan all night. It’s best to use it early in the morning, late evening, and overnight when the air outside is cooler than the air inside your home.

    Are Whole House Fans Cheaper To Run Than Air Conditioning?

    Whole house fans are cheaper to run than air conditioners on average. They save costs because they don’t consume much as much power as AC units. You also don’t have to invest as much money in upfront costs, maintenance and repairs.

    Where Will You Mount the Attic Fan?

    We mount the attic fan in the roof but spread vents across your ceiling and walls to cover every room in your property.