Customers in Clifton Park and surrounding areas rely on Grasshopper Heating & Cooling for ductless AC installation and service. Ductless heating and cooling systems are highly efficient. But like any other HVAC system, they require maintenance. Here are 7 ductless air conditioning maintenance tips to maximize efficiency, improve comfort, and avoid major repairs.

1. Keep the Air Filters Clean

Cleaning the filters is relatively simple. First, turn off the thermostat. Then open the front panel to the indoor unit and remove the air filter. Place a bag underneath in case dust falls out. To clean the filter, use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment; run it on a low setting to avoid causing damage. Depending on the filter, it may also be washed with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Check the product manual for manufacturer-recommended steps.

2. Clean the Inside of the Unit

Use a small vacuum or dry cloth to clear out any dust and dirt in the indoor cabinet. The filter doesn’t always trap everything. Many filters don’t trap smaller particles that can build up inside and damage sensitive components. Therefore, it’s a good idea to clean the indoor air handlers (and check the filters) every four to six weeks.

3. Make Sure the Unit Has Space

While you may have given your ductless air conditioner enough room during installation, it’s easy to forget the space requirements. At some point thereafter, someone may have put furniture or artwork too close. There should be at least four feet of clearance around the unit; verify this when maintaining it. Clutter can lead to dust accumulation and inefficiencies.

4. Clean the Outdoor Condenser and Coil

It’s just as important to maintain the outdoor unit as the indoor air handlers. The outdoor condenser and coil not only work hard but are also exposed to the elements. To prevent damage, spray the unit regularly with a garden hose (at moderate pressure). If you can, remove leaves and other debris by hand. Carefully remove debris from between the fins, but be careful as these are delicate. If any fins are bent, use an alignment comb to restore their normal shape.

5. Check for Any Pipe Issues

Don’t forget the pipes between the inside and outside parts when you perform ductless air conditioning maintenance. If dust, dirt, and other contaminants get into the pipes, your system may stop working. Check the pipes often to see if they need to be cleaned. Also, look for cracks or leaks that would require a professional to repair. Prompt service will avoid additional damage to the system.

6. Clean Ice and Snow Off the Unit

If your ductless AC also provides heat, you’ll need it to get you through the winter. Ice and snow can quickly collect on outdoor units and interfere with their operation. Check for buildup often, especially when it’s cold or snowing. Remove it as gently as possible to keep the unit running efficiently. You can also try placing a cover over the unit to prevent ice from building up.

7. If Necessary, Call an HVAC Technician

There are many AC issues you can’t or shouldn’t attempt to address yourself. Ductless air conditioning maintenance allows you to find problems that an HVAC company should look at. Have the unit checked by a licensed professional at least once a year. You can also prevent bigger issues by scheduling service whenever there’s excessive condensation, the coil has frozen, an indoor unit is leaking water, not producing enough airflow, or a part looks broken. Call when you hear unusual sounds from the indoor or outdoor unit as well.

Call Grasshopper for Ductless Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair

We provide ductless air conditioning services across the Albany, NY, area. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your AC system, whether it involves cleaning the indoor and outdoor units yourself or having our technicians perform inspections, tune-ups, and minor repairs. We can help counter the effects of wear and tear and make fixes you can’t do yourself. To schedule service, contact us online or call us at 518-240-9467 today.

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