As a homeowner, you may have reasons to keep your old air conditioner going. But the basis for replacing it may be growing by the day. No AC lasts forever. The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll face a rush decision after a complete breakdown. Planning can help save and see many benefits of AC replacement in Latham, NY, including:

1. Improved Reliability

After years of excessive use, an AC can become less reliable. Air conditioners are known to decline in performance after 10 years. The summer months in New York often bring persistent heat. While you might not use your AC all year long, wear and tear still add up. 

A new unit is unlikely to need repairs. It should provide reliable temperature and humidity control no matter the outside temperature. Plus, there’s the peace of mind of knowing it won’t break down anytime soon.

2. Reduced Repair and Maintenance Costs

Typically, the older an AC gets, the more repairs it needs. If the unit needs fixing just about every month, or a repair costs over 50% of the price of installing a new AC, consider replacing it. Your air conditioner should also not need maintenance more than twice a year. If it does, a new machine will save you financially and mentally.

3. More Precise Temperature Control

It’s no fun to have rooms that are too warm and others too cold. While an older AC can struggle to keep up, a new unit sized for your home will keep every room comfortable. You won’t be dealing with inaccurate thermostats, refrigerant leaks, cracked air ducts, damaged motors, and other issues common in aging AC systems. 

4. Manageable Operating Costs

Replacing your AC eliminates costly issues like the unit running constantly and overworking itself. Improved energy efficiency is one of the greatest benefits of AC replacement in Latham. A new system will cycle properly, and the thermostat will be more accurate, saving energy. You can save even more by investing in a programmable thermostat and setting the temperature back a few degrees.

5. Quieter Performance

A new AC will be free of loud, distracting noises. Call your HVAC contractor if there are unusual sounds; they can determine if a faulty part or your entire system should be replaced. Popping sounds can occur as duct materials expand and contract with temperature changes or air movement; excessive noise can mean ducts are wearing out. Squealing or grinding can indicate that a motor or fan belt is failing. If you hear buzzing, the system may have a refrigerant leak, a damaged compressor, or loose parts.

Any noise from your HVAC system can travel through air ducts and echo off walls and throughout your house. If you have an older unit, consider replacing it. Your home will be a quieter and more peaceful place.

6. Improvements in Indoor Air Quality

Older HVAC systems are notorious for producing more dust. Ventilation issues can cause dirt, allergens, pet dander, and other contaminants to fill the air in your home. Installing a new unit can eliminate the problem and reduce the humidity level. It can also resolve moldy, burning, or electrical odors from your AC. They use a more environmentally friendly refrigerant as well.

7. Increased Home Value

A new AC system is an investment that can increase your home’s value. If you plan to stay a while, you’ll have a healthier place to live and enjoy. A higher resale price is another benefit of AC replacement. Potential home buyers won’t deal with issues related to an aging HVAC system or spend money to replace it. Therefore, AC replacement can increase the asking price while making your home a more attractive buy.

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