You might be ready to enjoy endless carefree summer days, but plumbing problems don’t care what season it is. While you might not have to worry about frozen pipes bursting during the summer, there are other issues that often appear at this time of year.

Here, we highlight some of the most common summer plumbing repairs and how summer plumbing maintenance can help you avoid issues that need professional attention.

Seasonal Plumbing Issues Local Homeowners Face

Chances are your home’s plumbing system sees more use (and wear and tear) during the summer when the kids are out of school, you have more family gatherings, and you spend more time outdoors and use more water. While anything can go wrong at any time, it’s more likely that you’ll need the following plumbing repairs during summer:

1. Clogged Toilets

Toilet clogs top the list of common summer plumbing repairs since it’s likely your toilets will see more usage during this busy season. The frequent flushes can put more pressure on internal components, and when you have large parties, there’s a greater chance that guests will cause clogs. Not to mention, summer heat and humidity can speed up corrosion and mineral accumulation in the toilet pipes, resulting in clogs and leaks.

2. Sewer Backups

As with toilets, extra usage can cause sewer clogs and backups. Heavy summer rains can also overload the sewer lines and cause a backup into your home. Arrange a professional inspection and sewer line cleaning at the beginning of the summer to ensure the pipes are clear and you won’t have any problems.

3. Washing Machine Troubles

Summer vacation often means more laundry, and your washing machine has to work hard to keep up with all the extra dirty clothes, beach towels, and swimsuits. All this extra wear and tear can weaken the hoses, seals, and hinges, and clogs are always a risk. Keep an eye on the machine and call a plumber for help if you notice excessive vibrations, strange noises, or drainage issues.

4. Slow and Clogged Drains

Slow and clogged drains are common plumbing problems in summer because there’s a greater chance that your family will send things down the drain that don’t belong there. Rinsing off the excess dirt and sand after a day outside, for example, can block the drains. Food waste, fats, grease, oil, and hair can all stick to the pipe walls and cause clogs, so use drain traps to stop them.

5. Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal Problems

Dishwashers and garbage disposal problems frequently require warm weather plumbing repairs, usually due to clogs. Overloading the dishwasher and not adequately scraping food debris off the dirty dishes is the most common cause of dishwasher clogs, while grease and large food waste lead to disposal malfunctions. Only put as many dishes as the washer can handle into any load, scrape food waste into the trash, and never pour grease down the drain.

6. Sump Pump Malfunctions

If you have a sump pump to keep your basement dry, a heavy rainstorm can cause flooding if the device malfunctions. Sump pump malfunctions are common summer plumbing problems, usually due to a lack of maintenance. Allowing dirt and debris to accumulate around the pump and power failures are the most frequent issues, but you can avoid them with maintenance and testing.

7. Sprinkler System Issues

Plumbers often have to respond to problems with sprinkler systems in the summer. Leaks, damaged sprinkler heads, timer malfunctions, and water pressure fluctuations can all affect the lawn irrigation system and potentially damage your home or send water bills skyrocketing. Professional maintenance, including properly winterizing the system at the end of summer, can keep this from happening.

8. Faucet and Pipe Leaks

Leaks can happen any time of year, and summer is no exception. Metal pipes and fittings expand and contract in the heat, and humidity can speed up corrosion and cause leaks.

Proactively addressing these common summer plumbing repairs is the best way to prevent expensive damage. If you hear running water or dripping sounds, notice water stains or moisture around fixtures, or experience a sudden increase in water bills, call a plumber for repairs.

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