Generally, tank-based water heaters last 8 to 12 years (tankless units are known to last up to 20 years), but there are reasons to consider water heater replacement at any time, regardless of the unit’s age. A person uses hot water up to 20 times a day on average. Therefore, a water heater undergoes a considerable amount of wear and tear during its lifetime. Signs of a failing system should be noticeable, although some appear more subtly as the system ages.

We’ll look at the reasons to replace a water heater in Clifton Park now, so you’re not suddenly without hot water and waiting for a new unit.

1. Inconsistent Water Temperatures

No hot water is surely a sign your water heater needs attention. However, the symptoms of a declining system are often more subtle. Hot water should be between 120℉ and 140℉ and stay at the set temperature. In other words, it should be consistently hot. If the water temperature suddenly starts fluctuating between hot and cold and back again, or hot water starts running out much faster than before, it’s time to consider water heater replacement.

2. Hot Water Looks Rusty

Rust is not good, no matter where it shows up. If your hot water is coming out brown or rusty-looking, chances are there’s corrosion inside the water heater tank. Call a professional if this is so or if you see discolored or cloudy water. The issue could be due to old pipes. But if your water heater is getting up there in age, it could be contributing to rusty tap water.

3. Poor Water Quality

A defunct water heater may not only release water that looks rusty. Water quality may be unsafe. Poor temperature regulation can allow bacteria, many of which can cause illnesses, to form in the water. If tap water has a metallic smell and taste, corrosion in the tank may be wearing it out and causing the lining to deteriorate and break up. Therefore, your water supply ends up filled with particles that shouldn’t be there. 

4. The Water Heater Is Noisy

Tank sediment becomes more problematic as water heaters age. Loud rumbling or banging sounds mean hardened minerals and particles are heating up and being pushed around in the tank, which can eventually cause it to crack. Nonetheless, there can be various sources of noise. If your water heater is becoming louder, it’s best to call a technician to inspect it, find the source, and determine whether you need a repair or water heater replacement

5. Water On or Around the Unit

Whether you see water dripping down the side of the water heater or pooling around its base, it’s not a good sign. The tank has likely eroded and is in danger of failing. Leaks can also be caused by loose connections or old pipes. Condensation is another issue to look for; it often causes small pools of water to appear intermittently but can indicate a potentially serious problem. Call a professional if you see any water outside your water heater.

6. Frequent Repairs Are Needed

Even if your water heater is in mid-life, frequent repairs will cost you more than necessary. Premature wear can be due to heavy usage or a lack of maintenance. If you’re calling a plumber once every few months to fix your water heater, replacing it can save you the cost of dealing with more repairs in the future. 

7. Increasing Utility Bills

Hikes in utility rates aren’t uncommon. However, steady or sudden spikes in your water bill are suspicious. Your water heater may be leaking or running inefficiently. Also, monitor your electric bill. If your water heater is working harder to maintain a consistent supply of hot water, replacing it may be the only way to keep your utility bills in check.

8. The Water Heater Is Over 15 Years Old

Kudos if your water heater has lasted this long. But is it working as well as it once did?
The system is most likely less efficient and there’s a higher risk of it breaking down, leaving you without hot water. Schedule an inspection by a licensed plumber as soon as you can. They’ll help determine its condition and whether you have a reason to consider water heater replacement.

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