June 9

What Does an Air Conditioning Tune-Up Entail?

Most HVAC professionals suggest scheduling an air conditioning tune-up once a year. You may be more familiar with the concept of an automobile tune-up. The… View Article Read More

the most expensive HVAC repair services
May 18

The Most Expensive HVAC Repair Services and How to Avoid Them

We often mention how regular HVAC inspections, cleanings, and tune-ups prevent larger, more expensive problems. But how expensive can an HVAC repair be? A maintenance… View Article Read More

April 28

Signs You Absolutely Need 24-Hour HVAC Service

Home services contractors often advertise 24-hour HVAC support. Air conditioners can show many signs of something out of the ordinary. But homeowners sometimes wonder what… View Article Read More

AC Unit in Snow in Clifton Park, NY
December 19

Is It a Good Idea to Cover an HVAC System in the Winter?

An HVAC system is a big investment for any homeowner in Clifton Park, NY, and everywhere else, for that matter. That’s especially true when you… View Article Read More

HVAC Maintenance in Clifton Park, NY
November 17

SEER Rating and Energy-Efficiency in HVAC

What the SEER Rating Means for HVAC Efficiency When choosing a new HVAC unit for your home, one rating to be mindful of is the… View Article Read More

Ductless Mini-split in Albany, NY
October 20

Is Ductless AC System Worth It? Pros and Cons of Mini-Split Units

Your Clifton Park home should be an oasis of comfort, and your HVAC equipment works hard to maintain optimal temperatures. Surprisingly, heating and cooling can… View Article Read More

Smart Thermostat in Albany, NY
September 20

How to Choose the Right Smart Thermostat for Your Needs

A smart thermostat is a great way to save money on your energy bill and have more control over your home’s temperature. But with so… View Article Read More