Home services contractors often advertise 24-hour HVAC support. Air conditioners can show many signs of something out of the ordinary. But homeowners sometimes wonder what constitutes an emergency and when to call a technician during overnight hours. Grasshopper Heating & Cooling provides 24/7 emergency services in and around Clifton Park, NY. We’ll help clarify when to contact an emergency repair professional. 

How to Know You Have an HVAC Emergency

Your air conditioner may be noisy or cooling your home more slowly. These issues aren’t always emergencies. If an issue doesn’t stop by cutting power or resetting the unit, consider the issue urgent. The apparent issue may seem minor, but many HVAC problems start small and can quickly escalate to serious and costly damage.

You’ll need a 24-hour HVAC service if:

The Unit Is Blowing Warm Air in Cooling Mode

Having no cool air on a hot, humid day is an emergency. Your home being too warm is just one issue here. A malfunctioning HVAC unit can also cause humidity and indoor air quality issues. The conditions are especially concerning for children, older adults, and other sensitive individuals.

A Furnace/Heat Pump Isn’t Producing Heat

Your furnace or heat pump should provide heat when you turn it on. If not, you have an emergency. Heating systems have many components that can be damaged. A heating problem can occur due to a pilot or burner problem, corrosion, a poor connection, improper ventilation, or a cracked heat exchanger. Your household may be in danger due to carbon monoxide exposure or a fire, so call for help immediately.

The Unit Won’t Turn On

If an air conditioner isn’t working, check if the thermostat is on and set properly. Look for the circuit breaker if the issue isn’t with the thermostat. Resetting a tripped breaker should resolve the situation. But if the AC system is powered and the thermostat is set lower than the current temperature in your home, it should be active. Otherwise, a technician must inspect, troubleshoot, and diagnose the unit and repair the underlying problem.

Excess Moisture or a Leak

An AC leak is always an emergency. It can be caused by a clogged condensate drain or a damaged drain pan, in which case an overflow or pooling of water can occur. These may lead to mold and damage to your home and air conditioning system. Ice forming on the coils can melt and cause a leak. If the unit is leaking refrigerant, it must be repaired immediately. Low refrigerant levels can cause the unit to stop working or burn out the compressor. Therefore, always call a 24-hour HVAC company if the system is leaking.

An AC Electrical Issue

A breaker that trips frequently, a burning electrical smell when running the unit, or lights dimming when you turn on the AC constitute an HVAC emergency. Any one of these issues can indicate a serious electrical problem. They can lead to serious HVAC system damage, a loss of power, or a home fire.

What to Do In an HVAC Emergency

If the system won’t run or you notice the signs mentioned above, call for 24-hour HVAC service. Many local AC repair companies are available 24/7. You can find out by checking their website, reviewing your service agreement, or calling them directly. Contact them to explain the situation and request immediate help. 

Call Grasshopper Heating & Cooling

We provide emergency AC repair in and around Clifton Park, NY. The summer heat can overwork your air conditioner. Our team is trained and experienced in fixing all types of AC problems and can quickly restore your safety and comfort. To request 24-hour HVAC service, call (518) 252-7937 now.

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