You may be experiencing urgent signs to call for heating repair near Clifton Park, NY. At Grasshopper Heating & Cooling, our EPA-certified HVAC technicians are available 24/7 to provide heating system repair. The longer you wait, the more damage that can occur, and the greater the risk to your safety and that you’ll need to replace your furnace, heat pump, or thermostat. 

Heating systems are more likely to develop problems and break down during the coldest days of the winter. The smallest issue can be dangerous, especially if your home is without heat for an extended time. We understand the urgency, so let us know and our experienced professionals will quickly diagnose and fix the problem, no matter its size or scope or the brand, type, or model of your heater.

Here are some of the most common signs you need to call for heating repair:

Your Home Is Too Cool

You’ve turned the heat up full blast. Yet, the air blowing from the vents is lukewarm or downright cold. Perhaps some parts of your home are warm and other spots are chilly. Being left shivering in the cold is not only uncomfortable; it can be dangerous. Whether the cause is a faulty thermostat or a bad part in your heater, it must be resolved right away.

It’s Harder to Control Your Heating System

If you keep turning the thermostat higher and higher to get comfortable, something is wrong. Your heating system isn’t working as effectively. The more you turn up the heat, the more energy the system will use. Prompt heating repair will restore your comfort, keep your utility bills down, and may help your furnace or heat pump last longer.

Your Electric Bill Is Higher Than Ever

A high electric bill can mean you have an urgent heater problem. By now, you should know the rates your utility company charges in winter. Besides, rates are usually increased gradually. A sudden spike in your bill likely means you need a heating system repair. If a component is malfunctioning, your heater will work harder to compensate. The increase in energy consumption will raise your monthly bill.

Loud Noises from Your Heater

Call your local heating company if you hear banging, rumbling, thumping, clanking, squeaking, whistling, or rattling noises from your heater. These are signs of potentially serious issues. These can range from a frayed belt to a loose bearing to a problem with the ignition assembly. If there’s any other sound than air flowing from the vents, call for help before your heater breaks down.

Poor Air Quality

If your home is dustier than usual, no matter how much you clean, the furnace blower may be malfunctioning. Reduced air pressure can let dust settle in air ducts, which then gets re-circulated around your home. You’ll notice dust on surfaces and on the vent grates. Various contaminants, including mold and mildew, may also circulate. If not fixed, this heating problem can increase the risk of respiratory illness.

The Carbon Monoxide Alarm Goes Off

Don’t assume the carbon monoxide (CO) alarm is malfunctioning. It’s designed to detect a colorless, odorless gas that can cause serious illness or death. Hearing the alarm is an urgent sign you need heating system repair, but first, leave your home immediately and then call your local HVAC company to figure out the problem and fix it. A common cause of a CO leak is a cracked heat exchanger.

Unusual Odors In Your Home

A persistent burning odor (other than when your heater first turns on for the season) can indicate a serious problem, while a smoke odor can mean your chimney is blocked. Plastic odors can mean a component is failing. However, a rotten egg odor is the most concerning; it signals a natural gas leak (due to a compound added by the gas company). Evacuate your home immediately and call for help.

How Much Does a Heating System Repair Cost?

It can cost a few hundred to over $1,000 to fix a heating system, depending on the type of unit, what is wrong with it, and the extent of the damage. Parts and labor costs also factor in.

When Should I Replace My Heating System?

If your furnace is over 15 years old, has been fixed several times recently, and is inefficient, consider replacing it. The cost of repairs is also a consideration. If compared to buying a new unit, fixing your heater costs more than half that expense, it’s time for an upgrade.

Contact Grasshopper Heating & Cooling

Our team of qualified professionals can provide any type of heating system repair. We’re always upfront with pricing and offer free estimates. Additionally, Grasshopper is committed to your satisfaction and helping prevent further costs. All your repair options will be explained before moving forward, and a heating failure or breakdown will be fully addressed to restore comfort, safety, and efficiency. For high-quality heating repair near Clifton Park, NY, you can reach us 24/7 at (518) 252-7937.

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