Your AC may not seem like it needs to be looked at. Problems may not arise for a while; however, regular service can prevent them entirely. An air conditioner tune-up can avoid expensive repairs and performance issues that affect comfort, efficiency, and sometimes safety. Scheduling a service call can protect major parts like the condenser and evaporator and moving parts like fans and motors. It can even help your AC last longer.

HVAC professionals generally recommend an HVAC tune-up twice a year. Your air conditioner should be serviced in the spring before the hot weather starts. Likewise, a furnace should be serviced before winter. This gives a technician the chance to find and fix small issues and even larger problems that can cause trouble later.

But an air conditioner tune-up isn’t always about an HVAC company looking to make more repairs. It can save you money in the long run. A tune-up scheduled at the right time is important because:

  • Summer Takes a Toll on Air Conditioners: During the hot summer months, high demand puts a lot of strain on your air conditioner and its components. If there are any hidden issues, this strain can put the system over the limit and an AC breakdown occurs. You could be left in the heat while waiting for a technician who is busy making service calls this time of year.
  • It Will Save Time: That brings us to another point. Spring is the off-season for AC technicians. With milder weather, there are usually fewer emergency calls to respond to. Technicians are more flexible in their scheduling. Therefore, you can schedule an AC tune-up at a time that works for you, and it’s unlikely you’ll have to give up any leisure time in the summer to have your system repaired.
  • Service Will Be Less Costly: The off-season is a time when HVAC companies offer specials and promotions for maintenance services. You’ll spend a little money but not as much as if your AC needs a major repair. Since the system’s lifespan may be extended, you won’t have to pay to replace it as soon.

Do I Need an Air Conditioner Tune-Up Now

Many people weigh the decision because their AC is working fine. But smaller issues often don’t cause symptoms until they get bigger, or after more damage occurs. You don’t need an AC tune-up monthly or any more frequently than once or twice a year. However, routine service has a wide range of long-term benefits. 

Nonetheless, there are times when you should immediately schedule an air conditioner tune-up. If any of the following signs occur, a tune-up may be long overdue or something may have happened since your last service call. Here are some of the warning signs that mean it’s time to call for a tune-up:

  • The AC makes hissing, buzzing, whistling, banging, or other unusual sounds.
  • There’s a sudden increase in your utility bills.
  • Only warm air or room temperature air will blow from the AC.
  • Bad odors are coming from the unit or the vents.
  • Airflow from the unit is weak.
  • Your home is more humid than usual.
  • The AC is leaking condensate or refrigerant.

Can I Do An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Myself?

We don’t recommend attempting to tune up the AC yourself. But there are helpful things you can do in between tune-ups. These include changing the AC filter every three months, or monthly when the unit is used more frequently. You can also unclog the condensate drain pipe if it gets blocked and clean dirt and debris from the AC coil, but only if you feel comfortable doing so and it seems like a simple fix.

Call an AC Professional for Help

You can count on Grasshopper Heating & Cooling for high-quality, affordable AC maintenance services in Clifton Park, NY, and nearby areas. During an annual tune-up, we check filters and coolant, calibrate the thermostat, and clean and tighten electrical connections. Our team will check your air conditioner’s safety systems as well. Air conditioner tune-ups help avoid repair expenses and provide you with peace of mind. To schedule service, submit our online form or call 518-241-1758 today.

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