Some people question whether an AC tune-up is necessary. Your air conditioner may be working fine now. That doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden issues building. There’s no way to find these without a thorough inspection, which lets a contractor correct minor problems before major components fail. That’s why we recommend an air conditioning tune-up at least once a year.

A pre-season tune-up is an opportunity to save money. Poorly maintained ACs tend to be less efficient. They also work harder, so may need more repairs later. But whether your unit was last  serviced on schedule, here are a few times when you should schedule an air conditioning tune-up as soon as possible:

Your Energy Bills Are Up

When your energy bills suddenly spike, it’s a subtle sign your HVAC system needs service. You may not be using your AC much at all. But mechanical and electrical issues in the unit may be causing your HVAC system to draw more energy. There could also be dirt buildup and blockages in the system. Your local contractor can perform an air conditioning tune-up to address these.

A Noisy Air Conditioner

If your air conditioning system is making more noise than usual, a tune-up can allow a technician to find the reason and fix it. Buzzing can indicate an obstruction of airflow. A humming sound can come from damaged fan blades or a failing motor. Whistling, hissing, and banging noises are also reasons to be concerned.

Your Home Isn’t Getting Cool

Even if you look forward to warmer weather, it’s not fun when the AC doesn’t control the temperature in your home. You can prevent cooling issues by having your system tuned up now. The technician can clean off the dirt that’s been collecting on the coils, replace the air filter, or recharge the refrigerant if necessary. They can spot electrical issues such as corroded wires, bad contractors, or faulty relays.

Airflow Is Weak or Inconsistent

A proper amount of airflow is needed to maintain the desired temperature during any season. Clogged filters, leaky ducts, and other issues can affect airflow. The problem can be resolved with an air conditioning tune-up but can lead to expensive repairs if not corrected.

Your AC Smells

If foul odors are coming from your HVAC system, call for help right away. Potential causes include a clogged condensate drain line or a build-up of mold or fungus. Foul odors can also be caused by animal carcasses in the unit or burnt wire insulation.

The Unit Is Leaking

A drainage clog or refrigerant leak can cause fluid to pool near the AC unit. Other than some light condensation, no leak is normal. A tune-up can resolve a leak or prevent one from occurring in the first place.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune-Up ASAP

The winter chill may still be in the air, but an early AC tune-up is a good idea. Technicians are less busy on emergency calls in the spring so are more flexible in scheduling maintenance. A tune-up now can completely avoid the need for emergency repairs in the warmer months. To be sure your air conditioner is ready, a professional will inspect the condenser, check refrigerant levels, and clean or change filters. They’ll also inspect electrical components, clean the drain pan, adjust fan balance, and lubricate motors and other moving parts.

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