Scheduling prompt boiler repair near Clifton Park or surrounding areas can prevent your hydronic heating system from breaking down. Since your boiler provides heating and hot water, it should be fixed quickly. Boilers operate at high temperatures and pressures, so there are also safety considerations. Call the team at Grasshopper Heating & Cooling if you experience any of the issues we’ll detail in this article.

Signs You Need Boiler Repair

If you have no heat or hot water, that’s a sign your boiler isn’t working. Your home may be cold even if you set the thermostat to “Heat”. However, there are several signs your boiler may need repair or is on the brink of a complete breakdown. Call us for immediate boiler repair near you for signs such as:

  • Water Leak: Boilers contain water, so some people think a periodic leak is normal. A leak is never a good sign. Some leaks can be fixed inexpensively. However, water can spread quickly and lead to costly damage to your home. A boiler leak is often a sign of a hidden problem, such as corrosion, a damaged seal, a broken valve, or a faulty connection.
  • Strange Odor: A foul smell may occur if the boiler isn’t burning properly or if there’s bacterial growth inside it. A rotten egg smell often indicates a gas leak. If your boiler is releasing bad odors, it may also have an issue that’s potentially causing a carbon monoxide leak. 

You can’t smell carbon monoxide, but it is dangerous and often deadly, so evacuate the building and call for help. Signs of exposure include headaches, nausea, breathing problems, and loss of consciousness. 

  • Yellow Burner Flame: The pilot light should be blue. If the flame is yellow, there may be a carbon monoxide leak. Call for emergency boiler service. Also, contact your local heating repair company if the pilot light keeps going out. A gas supply issue, faulty thermocouple, or poor airflow may be the cause.
  • Loud Noise: The occasional rumbling or popping from your boiler doesn’t signify immediate danger. However, if you hear loud banging, whistling, gurgling, clunking, whirring, or other sounds, there’s a problem somewhere in the unit. The noises can be indicative of issues ranging from a bad pump or fan to low water pressure to mineral buildup. Prompt repairs can prevent a minor issue from escalating to a boiler breakdown or failure.
  • Water Isn’t Hot Enough: If the water in your home is lukewarm or not getting hot enough, the boiler’s heating element may need to be replaced. Various other problems can cause issues with water heating. Our technicians have the tools and expertise to thoroughly check the system and find and fix any issues.
  • Low Water Pressure: A sudden pressure drop can prevent your boiler from distributing heated water effectively. Low water pressure can indicate a leak, malfunctioning pressure relief valve, or bleeding radiator. If the pressure drops below a certain level, a safety cutoff switch will automatically turn the boiler off.
  • Condensation: If there’s excess condensation or the area around your boiler is suddenly damp, a heat exchanger or other problem may be the cause. Condensation around a new boiler can mean it was improperly installed.
  • Your Energy Bill Goes Up: If you have a boiler and your energy bill suddenly spikes, a professional may be able to repair it quickly. An aging boiler causing high energy bills may be near the end of its life. Call for help if your energy bills increase with no change in usage. You can prevent or delay such an issue with regular maintenance; however, wear and tear can eventually impact a boiler’s efficiency.

How Much Do Boiler Repairs Cost?

Boiler repairs generally cost a few hundred dollars. The actual cost varies depending on the type of repair or part that needs to be replaced. Major repairs can be even more expensive.

Is It Worth Repairing My Boiler?

When your boiler needs a repair, you may consider replacing it. Whether a repair is worth it depends on the frequency and cost of repairs (replace the unit if fixing it costs nearly as much as a new boiler). Also, consider the unit’s age. If your boiler is nearly 15 years old and needs a major repair, replacement is a good option.

Call Grasshopper for Boiler Repair Near You

If you live in or near Clifton Park, NY, and experience a boiler problem, contact Grasshopper Heating & Cooling. We’re available 24/7 in case you have an emergency. Our certified professionals can provide any type of boiler repair or replace the unit with a high-efficiency system. To request prompt service and learn about financing and options, call (518) 252-7939 today.

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