Every air conditioner needs maintenance. A ductless mini-split does too, even though there aren’t any ducts that trap pollutants. Maintenance can improve cooling and heating efficiency, air quality, and lifespan, and lower repair and utility costs. Schedule ductless air conditioning maintenance at least once a year to reap these benefits.

Schedule Ductless AC Maintenance Early

If your HVAC contractor has a service plan, you’ll receive a reminder when it’s time to schedule maintenance. But you should request a visit whether you get a reminder or not. Request AC maintenance in the early spring and heater maintenance in the fall. Ductless air conditioning systems require service twice a year.

Scheduling air conditioner maintenance early ensures your AC is ready to start on the first warm day. Contractors have a more flexible schedule this time of year. They’re not on emergency calls to fix air conditioners that break down in the heat. Service can be performed sooner and around your busy schedule.

When to Schedule Ductless Maintenance Earlier

It’s best not to wait for a spring AC tune-up if you notice issues such as:

  • Your house is colder than it should be
  • The unit struggles to reach a cool-enough temperature
  • The outdoor unit is clogged with debris
  • Warm air instead of cold, indicating a reversing valve problem
  • Signs of a refrigerant leak
  • An unexpected increase in utility bills
  • The system makes unusual sounds
  • Ice builds up on the coils
  • Foul odors from an AC unit

During professional ductless air conditioning maintenance, a technician will thoroughly clean dust and debris from the unit. They will also lubricate moving parts, perform a safety inspection, change filters, check the airflow, and tighten electrical connections. These and other tasks will prepare your system for high demand once the weather changes.

Can I Do Ductless Air Conditioning Maintenance Myself

We strongly recommend scheduling professional maintenance. Many tasks are not DIY, but you can do some maintenance in between service calls. These are some basic tasks you can do:

  • Replace air filters every 2 or 3 months or as needed
  • Clean reusable filters with a soft, dry cloth
  • Wipe dirt and debris off the condenser coils
  • Move furniture, art pieces, and vegetation away from the unit
  • Check the coil and condenser for dirt and ice
  • Tighten loose screws and other components
  • Clean the drain pipe with a brush or dry/wet vacuum

What Happens If I Skip AC Maintenance?

You should not skip AC maintenance. If you missed the last annual maintenance visit or passed this year’s ideal window of opportunity, schedule service as quickly as possible. A technician can still spot issues early and provide repairs at a reasonable cost. Plus, you can benefit from performance and efficiency improvements that boost comfort and yield savings on your monthly energy bills. As long as your system’s still working, it’s never too late to benefit from an inspection, tune-up, and minor repair.

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